Template:Infobox1 "Shark Reawakens! A New Chaos Number Appears" is the fifty-eighth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on June 4, 2012.

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Yuma and Tori watch the duel between Shark and IV (LP: Shark 500 / IV 1500). Tron also be viewed and explaining the IV's job was for Shark tp fall into the darkness, insomuch that he can control it and make it his right hand in his revenge against Dr. Faker. IV can not accept and can descend a relentless assault on Shark that this is first on the ground unconscious. Yuma wants to help Shark, but Tron has chained him.

Yuma asks Astral to help with the chains but Tron explained that this was impossible because the chains come from the Barian World and the Astral World is why he can not do anything. Astral asks whether this means that they must fight a duel, because if that is the case, Astral always ready. But Tron explained that he would not want the moment to fight a duel, because he so would miss the fun of the straight runs. Yuma then break the chains with his Kattobingu which Tron makes fun off. He says that Yuma's father has often spoken about, but had never managed to escape from the other dimension.

Meanwhile, the IV will Shark gets up because he no longer accept a surrender Shark's can. For this reason, Shark stand up and face the same terrible and IV best Fanservice. In the meantime something red lights on Shark's chest. In the inner soul of Shark No. 32 offers him his help on this if he would finally accept. But Shark refuses he will never again have control of a number card.

Shark has meanwhile risen, but remember Yuma and Tori that something is wrong. Astral guessed correctly that the number card and Shark suffers again tries to gain control over it. Again No. 32 in Shark's soul demands that continue to Shark finally accept it. This would be the darkness in Shark finally released and it could be a win which could Shark. Yet he refuses both his soul and in the real world Shark shouted that he never wants to return control of anyone. Shark them makes continue with the duel.

Shark plays as the first permanent spell card DD marine trench to Number 32: Shark Drake remove from the game. However, the magic card destroys it returns. As a result, IV at the end of the Turn number 40:Heaven string use no more effect. Shark sets a hidden monster in defense mode and ends his turn.

IV admits that it was partly a clever turn of Shark, but he would thus also lost his best card, while he still has his numbers monster with 3000 ATK that is equipped also with Magic Card Destiny strings which he attack Shark again several times could. IV says that his victory was so sure. Tron looks so different, however. Tron with a free first Yuma and declared that if IV is unlucky, resume, the effect of Destiny strings and the top card of the stores it is not a monster like the last time, his battle phase is over. IV asks whether this means that about Tron would not trust him. Tron said for his part that he had only spoken about the possibility, after all, he was scientist. He said then that IV has always been so, other than III and V, IV was already with his temper whereupon error crept quickly. IV is getting angry that Tron interpreted as confirmation of his statement. He advises IV therefore try to prefer quiet time to think about one thing. IV can not believe how little Tron trusts him and that he sees in him and his brothers just puppets. IV asks what is wrong with him but eventually he was his father. IV, had greeted his father explains that he and his brothers always with a warm smile. But since he has returned from this strange dimension has changed his entire character, and he became the avenger of ice-cold Tron, which Reginald Kastle's sister hurt and let Shark fall into a trap at the tournament. Shark it goes slowly. He angrily protested that IV should not now do so as if he was that victim.

IV declared that he would never forgive him. IV, this does not matter. He has not run away from it and wants to clarify his affair with Shark here and now that he does not allow this to Tron's assistants Shark in the removal of Dr. Faker can be. IV will defeat Dr. Faker because he has the hope that if this is first made his father's time again is how he once was. IV has always firmly believed in it. Some already with tears in his eyes, he asks whether he would then Tron really trust him so little. Tron says with a smile then that he would believe in anyone let alone someone dares. He's only the trust that himself and the Barian World. Finally, it is ultimately this was the world have saved him.

Clearly seen in IV's face as a world collapsing on him. Nevertheless, he must laugh at the end. He understands now that he is really nothing except for he was Tron's puppet, as well as III and V, but one should not forget here is Tron in the world of duels IV is still the national Asia champion. Therefore, he would never be a puppet of the Tron could simply throw away at will. IV makes then continue with the duel.

IV wants to prove that he possesses both the strategy and the luck to win. IV is on the turn and want to attack what he Heavens string reactivated its equipment magic string Destiny. He wants to make Shark cope with its effects and draws the top card of his deck to the store to the cemetery. But as Tron has predicted it is a Spell Card or Trap Card is activated which is why the side-effect and IV's combat phase ends. IV will be fought not gimmick plays and puppet - Scissor arm. It uses its effect to the spell card Destiny string destroy, and thus double the level of scissor arm. '

Astral and Yuma wonder why IV that has not been from the beginning, it would be the combat phase has not been completed and IV would have to attack with two monsters can. The two suggest that IV has probably made ​​a big mistake. Tron also suggested this and says that this is exactly what he was overheated with IV and spirited actions had meant sacrificing his numbers, meanwhile, Monster gimmick by puppet - Nightmare can. IV declares that this monster as a double victim of a xyz-Summon. Thus he uses all his monsters for summoning xyz to his true trump card to call: Number 88: Puppet gimmick - Destiny Leo (ATK 3200). IV activates the effect of his monster and removed to an XZY-material. At the end of each turn from him a XZY material will be removed from Destiny Leo. When Destiny Leo has no more material xyz, IV wins automatically. This means that the duel is finished in the latest IVs next turn. IV ends his turn.

Shark wonders whether it really was, and he will lose to IV. But then Tron appears at his side and explained that Shark had a chance to win after all, he could still think clearly, not like IV asks what is this and that about Tron did not want IV to win. Tron says that he does not really want. Tron tells him that he had IV but explained his role he had filled in very well, in which he urged Shark further and further into the darkness.

However, its role is now at the end and IV is no longer compels. Yuma interjects Tron explained that he could not simply use III, IV and V as tools for his revenge. Tron turns back to Shark and asks what his decision is now losing, of course, there would be no disgrace. Shark said that he wants to win no matter what it costs. Tron is excited about this answer and did not expect anything else from his future assassin. Shark has not, however, before such a thing as suddenly returns to the red lights on his chest. Tron explained that this would be Haidrache (No. 32) which asks for Shark.

In the inner soul of Shark sinks into a deep dark sea while Tron ever more forces itself Shark surrender, to become one, and thus to defeat him with IV. Yuma, meanwhile, tried to call to Shark that this should not listen to Tron. However, he promises Tron that all his wishes will fulfill all his desires when he surrender to number. First Shark comes naturally his desire for revenge for his little sister in mind. Shark then chooses his revenge on IV and Tron get even if he would hand over to his body to the devil himself. Shark is thus one with the spirit of the Number card. Shark then covers his monster on Deep Sweeper (ATK 1600). Thus it can activate its effect and destroy a face-up Spell Card. Shark chooses his own making number 32: Haidrache comes back onto the field.

IV says that this would not be enough to defeat him, and he gives Ryoga quite why he wants to strengthen him with his new powers. Ryoga surrounds an eerie glow, and he makes something that would not astral and Yuma thought possible Ryoga makes a mess xyz Change and converts number 32: Haidrache in point. C32 truck Hafter Haidrache to (ATK 2800) are up to Tron all over more than surprised that Ryoga is able to summon monsters chaos numbers.

Ryoga uses remove the effect of his new monster, just a xyz of this material and thus a monster that "shark" in its name from its cemetery to the ATK to reduce the opponent's monster by the ATK of the removed monster shark. Ryoga removed Submersible Aero-Hai-carrier which Destiny ATK Leo falls in 1900. Lastly follows Ryogas final attack destroyed the Destiny Leo and thus IVs last health points. Thus Ryoga has won.

Tron Ryoga congratulated on his victory and said that they now thus be comrades. Ryoga said but that he has accepted this power only to defeat Tron. Tron said then that it would be this fun for later Ryoga finally have to defeat anyone else in the semis. As Ryoga uses it to attack Tron tries to push away his power to Ryoga. Tron turned just before it disappears, then to Yuma, and says that he will soon see how far will bring even Yumas Katto-Bing him. After Tron has disappeared dissolves the hologram on the magma-field and it is now recognized that Yuma & Co. were all the time in an arena. Meanwhile IV comes to herself, and, still lying on the ground, apologizes to Ryoga for everything he has done to him. Ryoga can not believe this, not after what happened. IV declares that he unfortunately could not stop Tron, not even then.

There is a flashback where IV commented that he has ordered it as Tron Ryogas duel with sister had. He took advantage of the duel during a card which he got from Tron. The turn sparked a large fire which the roof of the building in which they dueled to the collapse brought. IV never had to go as far beabsichtig but it happened at the end, while IV also received his scar on his face as he tried to bring Ryogas sister out of the building. Back in the present now see the salvation of all the IV Ryogas sister was doing. However, IV says that if Ryoga must hate someone hate him he should not and Tron. IV asks Ryoga to save his father. Under IV, meanwhile, will see a portal and disappears shortly before IV declares that he knows when he Ryoga entrusted with this task, it will also make it there. He also wants you to bring him a message and that he would wait with his brothers on the return of her father. Shortly thereafter disappears IV Ryoga turns away without saying a word and goes to his car. Yuma wants to wait that Ryoga and finally talked to him about it was not only IV and V III but also victims of Tron. Ryoga said that if what is said IV is true, it's just one more reason for Ryoga Tron destroy. It warns him that if he Ryoga Yuma it gets in your way, he will show no mercy. Ryoga then climbs into his car and drives away. While Yuma is somewhat depressed by the events makes astral him again his faith in the dueling courage not to lose.