Template:Infobox1 "The Eve of the Storm! The Diabolical Duelist Tron Appears! is the fiftieth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on April 9, 2012.

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At school, the news has spread that originate in the World Duel Carnival two finalists from their school. The Shark is one of the two was clear but many are in Yuma, the students are not sure whether the rumors are really true. Yuma leaps into the air, yelling "kattobingu" and falls next to them. He gets up and runs around, asking if anyone wants his autograph. Tori, Sei and Sachi are standing nearby. Sachi and Sei say that he's so full of himself for some reason. Bronk is also close and calls Yuma an idiot. Tori grabs Yuma by the ear and drags him away. Flip sees the whole thing and looks around quietly.

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Later, Yuma apologized for his behavior earlier, and by showing his friends an invitation to the WDC Party event for the final which he has received. All are immediately excited that they will get to know many famous duelist and wondering what to wear to be best, although Yuma has not even asked whether anyone accompanied him. Flip watches from afar and is planning something because he does not want to Yuma have let alone all the rubles.

At the headquarters, Tron comes straight out of III's room, where III still seems to be asleep. IV and V are on the horizon and Tron have been expected. Tron goes wordlessly past them. IV asks him how aufzupowern III. Tron says only then that he is disappointed by both IV and III. This brings Tron dares to say about his little brother in Rapid IV, Tron and says he insulted III only to the original number has fought and is now in this state because he had fought well for Tron. Tron wants but fruitless deeds but have no results. He explained that if this does not have them (III, IV and V), he would still have another option: Shark. This was the reason why he had even made ​​sure that Shark is participating in the tournament and given a number card. IV only asks again and again angrily why it responds Tron no more and just goes.


Meanwhile, Orbital 7 explore finding out that Kite comes so slowly to its limits and not so often should activate the Photon Transformation in order to ID cards get close. At that moment, logs, on a screen, Mr. Heartland who wants to find out how it goes Kite. Orbital begins to tell Heartland about the condition of Kite's body, but Kite cuts him off, saying there is nothing wrong. Heartland says that's good and tells Kite he's counting on him, since the "Numbers" have all gathered in Heartland - the time to act is now. Kite says he's aware of that and reminds Heartland of his promise to heal Hart. Heartland says "of course" and tells him not to worry about that. He tells Kite he'll await him at the party tonight - it wouldn't hurt to scope out those that hold the "Numbers". Heartland cuts the connection and Kite and Orbital proceed to leave. Nearby, Droite is seen, having overheard the conversation.

At the Heartland Tower is a big firework. Yuma and his friends arrive, with Bronk saying that no matter how many times he comes to Heartland, he's always impressed. Tori says it's so beautiful. Cathy pops up behind her, saying that Tori tried hard to dress up. She says that people need nice clothes to look good, just as birds need feathers. Insulted, Tori says that Cathy looks good in her "cat demon cosplay" as well. As they continue to argue, Yuma asks them stop as the Golden Key glows and Astral appears. He explains that Heartland was founded by Dr. Faker as a paradise where both adults and children could enjoy themselves and that he allows poor children to live to there to experience happiness. The rest of the world praises it as a paradise. Yuma asks how Astral knows so much about it. Astral explains that the "Numbers" they obtained from III were memory pieces with information about this world. Yuma is annoyed, knowing Astral will try to teach him all about it. The group arrives at the main entrance, with Caswell commenting on the red carpet. Tori says she feels like a celebrity and Cathy meows. Two event bouncers in tophats approaches them, saying an invitation is required. Yuma explains that he has one and digs through his pockets for it. He's forgotten it. The bouncers throw him out, with him insisting he's a finalist. One of the bouncers says there's no way a kid like him could be a finalist. Yuma says he's not lying and they tell him to just show the invitation, then. The bouncers leave and Flip appears, saying there's always a ura side to things. He says he has an idea. They enter under the red carpet, crawling. As they do so, a fan yells that she can see the female Duelist, Milky Kuala. Tori bemoans the fact that her dress is getting ruined
. They pass directly under a couple that's walking in, who are thrown into the air. The carpet flies up and the whole crowd sees them. The bouncers run in and the group runs towards the entrance, with Tori calling all of them idiots. As they reach the top of the stairs, Flip hides behind a pillar. Flip giggles and muses that Yuma and his friends are only good as tools. A crowd is gathered nearby around a tall man in green robes and a white mask. He realizes it's a finalist and smiles.

Meanwhile, Yuma and his friends have reached the door, but holds one of the guards, they just go on with this and wants to Yuma taken away again. Gauche appears at this moment to look around at who is responsible for this excitement. Gauche, declares that the warden was a finalist in Yuma, and therefore can by this at first but this will still not believe him to intimidate gauche enough that it will disappear. Gauche then turns around and wants to ask if he had not just Yuma looked very cool when he noticed that Yuma & friends went inside without a word of thanks already.

Inside the friends marvel at the WDC Party event. Caswell identifies with his binoculars, which gives you the same about the famous duelist, duelist and the Latin American finalists Garcia Panther, the Swedish Bergman Sakata duelist duelists and the Fall Guys American jackal, wolf and coyote. Yuma it borrows short in order to look for Shark lookout but finds it here on Kite, who talks to V.


The device's scan of V reveals nothing about him, save his age of twenty, whereas the other scans revealed origins and Deck types as well. He remembers meeting V, who told him that his father was still alive in the Astral World. Kite grabs V by the collar. V tells him that's very unlike him and lightly lowers Kite's hands. Kite tells him not to play games and asks why they did what they did to Hart Tenjo. He calls V a former teacher of his and V asks if he can't forgive him. Kite again asks why - what are they aiming to do. V says they just follow the will of Tron. Kite doesn't' seem to know who that is and V says that he'll meet him soon. Kite asks if he means in the finals. V places his hands on Kite's shoulders and says that in his current condition, Kite will not be able to win against him or Tron. V departs with a worried expression.

IV gives the meantime some autographs his female fans and keeps back the facade of the nicest duelists ever, maintained. But when he looks through the window Ryoga stand outside this time it's the IV runs after him excitedly. Asks what's going on out Shark because he was but had otherwise always been such a big mouth. Shark promises that soon would come the time when him with everything he has destroyed. Before he can make some rejoinder Shark goes back then. Meanwhile, on a balcony Kite looks sadly through the night as Droite happen. She says she has long had a suspicion that something had would not agree with Kite and body after she had heard the results of the study area, had only confirmed her suspicions. She knows what about Hart Tenjo's health and that the number Kite collect cards, but they must therefore mean that Kaito's body was not in a condition to participate in the finals. Kite replied that he would not accept orders from her. Droite seems very concerned about Kite but this will still go on and beat V and Tron. Elsewhere, Mr. Heartland meets with Dr. Faker. The latter complements him on the fact that the evening is going well. Heartland says the plan is proceeding well and Faker asks if everyone has gathered. Heartland says that one has yet to show up - Tron. Heartland asks if Faker is familiar with him, which Faker denies. Heartland says he must go to greet in the finalists.

Yuma and his friends sit on the stairs, with Caswell still looking around with his binoculars. He says that he supposes Flip wasn't able to enter. The tall man in green walks by, with Caswell saying that he must be the most powerful amateur Duelist int he world - the vampire of midnight, Nosferatu Nakajima. Caswell asks for an autograph, which Nakajima gives - but it's just some scribbles. Nakajima departs, muttering "ura". The litterbot band performs a drumroll as the lights dim and Mr. Heartland enters from the topmost door, projecting a larger hologram of himself and yelling "Heart Burning!" Heartland asks if everyone is enjoying the party and says that the final matches of the WDC will take place tomorrow. He'll now introduces the twenty-three remaining Duelists who has gathered. He begins by saying "first", when the hologram suddenly flickers and dies. Childish laughter is heard and two spotlights activate, illuminating Tron, who stands at the bottom entrance. Tron walks forward, people in the crowd backing away when they see him. He spots the giant cake, excited. He reaches the stairs just below Heartland and turns to face him. Heartland asks who is and Tron introduces himself. Tron climbs the last staircase and kneels on the last step and Heartland smiles, kneeling in front of him and asking him what's wrong. Tron informs him that he will destroy him and the others.
Tron runs to the balcony and leans over, saying he really loves cake. He turns to Yuma, calling him "big brother" and asking to meet in the finals. He then turns and stares directly as Astral, able to perceive him. Astral asks if he can see him and Tron responds with more laughter. The spotlights dim and the lights return, with Tron having vanished.

A man in a tank top and boxer shorts runs into the room, leading the two bouncers from earlier. The man point to Nakajima, calling him an imposter. Nakajima is Flip, who attempts to escape. He knocks over Caswell in the process, dropping a fake arm - a glove attached to a stick. Unable to see through the mask properly, he collides with the cake. The real Nakajima jumps at him, but Flips moves and Nakajima knocks over the cake, splattering icing all over Mr. Heartland. Yuma and his friends chase after Flip, in turn being chased by the bouncers again. Flip trips over a cart of pizza on one of his stilts. The pizzas hit various people in the face, including one of the bouncers. Amidst the chaos, Mr. Heartland takes off his tophat and mutters "Tron". Yuma and his friends run through the forest outside and Yuma stops when he notices Kite standing nearby. Everyone but Tori continues to run. Yuma ask Kite how Hart is doing. Kite says he shouldn't worry about that - he should worry about settling things with him. They both say they intend to go all-out. Kite tells him not to misunderstand. Its not Yuma he desires to defeat with all his strength - its Astral. Kite turns to leave, sparing a glance at Astral in the process as Yuma smiles.


In a limousine, Tron sits playing a handheld game while V conducts a meeting with the three Fallguys. Wolf asks if he wants to hire them, with V confirming that. Wolf responds that they are very expensive. V opens a briefcase, saying he has the initial payment here and will pay the rest once the job is finished. Wolf asks who the target is and V tells him it's a man named Yuma Tsukumo. Tron completes a level on his game, giggling as fireworks go off.

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