Template:Infobox1 "For the Sake of Family... The Gentle Avenger: III!!" is the forty-sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on March 5, 2012.

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At Hotel, Tron is just watching some cartoons. III comes in and has an appeal to Tron. He wants to duel against Yuma because he believes that the Yuma is reason for his and IV's defeat. Yuma had a strange power and want to find out what it is all about. Tron and V are surprise on III challenge Yuma the permit.

In Heartland City, Yuma is desperate because it is the last day of the tournament and he has still found no Duelist in order to qualify for the finals. He wonders why everyone not accepting to duel with him, whether it be an old man, a toddler or even a cat. But Yuma is no easy opponent. Tori and Astral are trying to calm Yuma but he thinks he would not have time and keeps running through the streets, until suddenly someone falls at his feet. It is just the duelist has lost a duel. Yuma asked what had happened to him whereupon only: answer's Shark. Yuma can not believe this, even more so when he does not see that there are in the back alley and beat another 4 wounded duelist on the ground. Suddenly he heard a scream from a construction site and walk out.

On the construction site, they found quite brutally beat up Duelists on the scaffolding of the building and actually find Reginald before another duelist. To Ryoga still a whole bunch of other victims of his lies. Ryoga wants without saying anything but go straight Yuma asks him beforehand what had happened to him. Shark replied that he is currently only for revenge and hatred, and therefore had dueled in Yuma at the moment his opponent. Shark wants to go but finally Yuam Stops him on way and says that he only comes over him when he duels with him. Shark who have a dark aura of Number and he accepted the challenge. Astral believes that this is yet to Yuma is not a good idea but will not hear of this and says that Astral should mind his own business. Both begin their battle preparations, shortly after they begin their duel, not knowing that the III is observing the two. In his last duel with Shark saw III, ensure that he receive the Number card and a fragment of the spirit in which this feeds Shark's heart crept more and more with hatred. III is curious how Yuma wants to reach it.

The duel has meanwhile started long ago (LP: Yuma 4000 / Ryoga 4000). Yuma has Gagaga Magician and one card face down. Shark has megamouth (ATK 1800)and Hammerhead (ATK 1700). Shark's attacks Yuma's magician with megamouth what Yuma loses his monster. Next to attack hammerhead but Yuma activated Tiny Resistance which he hammerhead ATK by the amount of Gagaga Girl lying on his or her graveyard, lowers. Yuma loses only 700 life points. Yuma said that nothing would have been what Shark sacrifices his two monsters for summoning Submersible Aero Shark (ATK 1900). Shark uses the effect of his monster specifies an xyz and adds material on this Yuma thus damage of 400 x to the number of cards in Shark's hand. Shark has 3 cards in his hand which Yuma loses 1200 life points.

Shark hopes that Yuma has finally learned to leave him alone. But in spite of the attack is still in Yuma and Yuma says Shark should calm and attack what he has. Yuma is on the turn and plays Gogogo Giant (ATK 2000) and then ends his turn. Tori, Astral and Shark Don't understand what he did. Astral directly asks what he's thinking Gogogo giant strong enough to defeat Shark's monster. But Yuma says this is not a problem and finally had his duel. III can not understand the whole, especially reminding him that back in his duel with Yuma and where Yuma always protected Kite from the damage. III finds it strange that the Yuma's duel style so different from his and others who struggle with hatred.

Meanwhile, V asks whether it was a good idea to let III go to battle with Yuma would have moved his heart. Tron is confident that because he was a friendly child and Yuma formerly resembled. Meanwhile back at the duel has been done. Shark is on the trun and a Xyz Summon to make Black Ray Lancer (ATK 2100). Then Destroys Yuma's Gogogo Giant. Next, Shark engages with its Aero Shark to attack Yuma directly to the then only 100 life points to spare.

Yuma had to put quite a lot and has problems getting up. Tori is worried about Yuma and begins to doubt himself whether his actions be right. Astral wonders why Yuma seems to lose obviously. Yuma is on, and meanwhile, says it will continue to attack Shark quiet with all your strength. Yuma then explains that he does not care whether he wins or loses this Duel. When Shark really hate him, then he should attack him with all his hatred. Yuma agrees as long as Shark's hatred disappears. Shark can not believe what he hears. Astral asks Yuma directly if he would really make a duel with vengeance and hatred really fun. Yuma said that Shark is usually someone who loved the duel which he fought a duel but if he would also hate dueling, and that he can not watch him. But then, the heroic speech interrupted by extremely loud stomach growling of Yuma what it spoils the mood a bit. Tori thinks that Yuma would have no manners on and was quite an idiot, which you must agree to Astral. Shark smile and the dark aura disappears and he breaks off the duel.

III does not understand what happened and where the numbers of power had disappeared. At Yuma questions why Shark has stopped the duel that he did not answer this for another attack was because his opponent had simply looked too stupid. Shark smiles and says to Yuma they should finish the duel in the finals. Shark then goes away peacefully. Tori pulls Yuma's first long ears. Yuma asked what this was about. Tori says that if Yuma had lost, he would have handed over all his Heart Piece to Shark and thus have nothing would have happened to the finals. With a horror Yuma is now aware of this. Astral mentioned attached that he does not mind if Yuma is worried about his friends, however, should not forget that when the duel against a Number Holder (like Shark is one) will lose all number cards to Shark would be ignored and Astral would have lost his life. Also it is only now remembered in Yuma so he immediately goes to his knees and apologized to Tori and Astral. Tori remembers Yuma also like the fact that he needs the numbers of cards to find his father why he should not be so careless. Yuma, however, says that his father would have forgiven him for this because it certainly would have done the same. III is interested to hear from Yuma's father and therefore wants to do some research.

III goes to the Yuma Tsukumo's house and secretly sneaks into the attic room. There he finds the image of Yuma's parents which reminds him of the family photo of his own family. III looks around and then noticed until now that he is surrounded by many similar objects and artifacts from around the world what he has to smile. Suddenly, however, Yuma's grandmother comes in and asks who he was.

Yuma is still out on the town to search for an opponent when he suddenly gets a call from his grandmother. A little later he runs into his room and gets angry when he recognizes III's clothes, but as this turns around and carries an Aztec mask. III is enthusiastic about what Yuma has everything in the room and know exactly what each object is modest and well out of the country and from what era it came from. The mask he has worn just like him most because it reminds him of his favorite card: OOPArts Aztec Mask Golem. III explains that he has built his deck to the OOPArts because they remind us of the humanity of an ancient civilization and some OOPArts could prove that this world is connected to other dimensions come from the OOPArts. III explains that his father is said to have researched it once. Yuma immediately declared that his father own them on his adventure, and researchers as well and had collected all the stuff here. III is surprising and must admit that his father must be amazing. Yuma suddenly falls back on that III is actually an enemy and therefore it really is not the time to fraternize, not just what they did right after III and his brothers kidnapped Hart Tenjo. III, then apologized to Yuma because of the incident and said Hart that he would have had no other choice. III explains that he has always fought a duel with hatred and revenge as a motivation. But after seeing Yuma's Duel he believes that it would also go another. III asks Yuma directly why he always give everything to others and what is his strength. III says he is different from Yuma and could not therefore so fight like him. Yuma feels a bit overwhelmed with the question and do not know how to answer it. Yuma says at the end of that one would think of something to him would be Kattobingu. III asks what this is what Yuma explains that this is in itself a promise to never give up and accept any challenge, so he had learned from his father. kari is just about to explain that lunch was ready and all come down.

In the living room, they all sit down to eat. III's is eating along with invited. Yuma's faxing and quarrels with the Lilly. III is happy that he just has to laugh. Yuma, meanwhile, wants to eat quickly then get back to start looking for an opponent for his final Heart Piece to win. kari confiscated while his deck, because of the rule: No cards at the dining table during dinner. Yuma asks his sister to give his cards back which she refuses to. The scene reminds III, then of his own past with his family, which leads to a flashback.

A few years ago on a winter day, the three brothers were waiting III, IV and V for their father. III showed IV the new card which he had received from his father OOPArts Golem Mask. IV, it is unfair that only gets III gets a card and trys to take him off the map. III, then tried to catch his big brother and asks him to give his card but he refuses. V is in derogation of the dispute, and as he says they should stop before he father scolds them. The two then sat down again like a V and promises them soon dueling teach something better.

Back in the present, III looks sad to Yuma's family was right. But his family is no longer like it used to be what goes III of appetite, and tears come to light. Yuma noticed this and asked what was going on. III is excused himself and ran out of the house. Yuma rans behind him and manages to catch him. III explains that he now understood that Yuma's Kattobingu is the smile of his family and friends to protect. But III explains that his family was different. Had sworn on the day on which his family revenge, he lost his smile and the only way to return his to stop it is their revenge. However, if Yuma is in their way, to finish their mission and to regain their smile, it was his task to eliminate him. Yuma asks why this has to be the same as it was to Hart. But do not want to talk further and says that was in him only hatred. III then throws a card and said that he would wait there for him. III would be there in the evening to dueling Yuma.

Little later, III appeared to Tron in hotel again. Ask Tron power to defeat Yuma. III confirmed this. Meanwhile Astral asks Yuma if he really wants to go there because III is a strong opponent. Yuma said that he must go there at once to talk to him and find out his true feelings. So he had to duel with him.

Featured DuelEdit

Yuma vs. Shark"Edit

Duel begins from an unspecified turn. Yuma controls "Gagaga Magician" (1500/1000) in Defense Position, one Set card and has 4000 Life Points. Shark controls "Big Jaws" (1800/300) and "Hammer Shark" (1700/1500) in Attack Position and has an unspecified amount of Life Points.

Shark's turn
"Big Jaws" attacks and destroys "Gagaga Magician". "Hammer Shark" attacks directly, but Yuma activates his face-down "Tiny Resistance", reducing the ATK of "Hammer Shark" by that of one monster in his Graveyard with less then 1000 ATK. He chooses "Gagaga Girl", so the ATK of "Hammer Shark" becomes 700 until the End Phase (Yuma 4000 → 3300). Shark overlays his two monsters to Xyz Summon "Submersible Carrier Aero Shark" (1900/1000) in Attack Position.[Notes 1] Shark activates the effect of "Aero Shark", detaching an Overlay Unit to inflict damage to Yuma equal to the number of card's in Shark's hand times 400. With three cards, he inflicts 1200 damage (Yuma 3300 → 2100).

Yuma's turn
Yuma Normal Summons "Gogogo Giant" (2000/0).

Shark's turn
An unknown amount of time is skipped.

Shark Xyz Summons "Black Ray Lancer" (2100/600) in Attack Position. "Black Ray Lancer" attacks and destroys "Gogogo Giant" (Yuma 2100 → 2000) and "Aero Shark" attacks directly (Yuma 2000 → 100). Shark's hand contains "Jawsman" and "Drill Barnacle". Shark chooses to cancel the Duel, so it ends with no result.


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