Template:Infobox1 "Missing Haruto! The New Enemy: Tron" is the forty-first episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on January 30, 2012.


In the evening, Kite goes on the way to his brother and remarks that he is gone. He immediately make his way to the watchers. These tell him the current search for Gauche and Droite is performed. Kie took to connect to Gauche and Droite, and asked whether they have been found Hart. Gauche told the watchers that they should keep their mouths shut and wanted to know who has chatted. Kite asks why he gets no answer to what they knew how Gauche thinks and reacts therefore said nothing. Gauche would disconnect but Droite stopped them, saying that Kite should calm down, because they have found Hart alive but they could not confirm the report. Therefore, they need help in finding Hart. Droit goes on to say that Hart is located on the top of the windmill and a boy named Yuma Tsukumo at him. Kite is shocked and starts immediately on the way. Gauche asks why does she wants Kite to help them. She asks if he had forgotten Hart's forces. Currently they can not reach him. Kite is the only person Hart trust and would listen too.

Kite thinks of the past. When his little brother on the top of the windmill was crying. Kite gave caramel cheer him. Kite says they stay together forever when suddenly a Heartland helicopter. The men hold Kite while they take Hart.

Back in the present, he wonders why Yuma is also there. Meanwhile, on the windmill field. Yuma and Tori believe that now everything is fine again. They believe that the man was sent to fetch Hart. Yuma thinks, noting that the Kite colledt Number cards only for Hart, but he does not understand why he needs the number cards. Suddenly appeared again on the Heartland helicopter and gauche jumps out. He grabs Yuma and asks him where he keeps Hart hidden. Yuma does not understand and says they have sent Hart home. He says that one of their people picked him with the same Heartland helicopter has. Droite is looking for the impossible because they both only after Hart. Gauche said Yuma had lied and will force him to release Hart. Yuma says he does not lie and gauche in the genital area. This can go Yuma in pain. Yuma says he has returned Hart again and that he no longer listens to this. Gauche grabs him again and this time Droite wishes to speak. She says that if not addressed in Yuma, Yuma disqualify him from the WDC. Gauche asks one last time by Hart is.

Suddenly, Kite asks where Hart is. Yuma tells him that these guys had Hart kidnapped. He also says he has been someone from the Heartland. As Hart his eyes to make, he sees a building that stands in the middle of a lake. Yuma, meanwhile, no longer understands the world. He wonders who would kidnap Hart. Orbital 7 accused Yuma continues to say stuff but Kite says tp Orbital 7 is to shut up. Kite asked Yuma and Tori and Astral emit a description.

Gauche can not believe that all believe him. Droite says it does not look as if he's lying and she should be on your way. The man has the Hart can not be far. Then Gauche and Droite make already on the way. Yuma apologizes that he can not help them. Kite turns around and says Haruto is sick. Yuma feels partly to blame, and offers his help but these Kite refuses. Yuma wants to help anyway, because he gave the promise to Hart meet Kite.

Kite says only orbital and orbital says if Gauche can not believe that all believe him. Droit says it does not look as if he's lying and she should be on your way. The man has the Haruto can not be far. Then Gauche and Droit make already on the way. Yuma apologizes that he can not help them. Kaito turns around and says Haruto is sick. Yuma feels partly to blame, and offers his help but these Kite refuses. Yuma wants to help anyway, because he gave the promise to meet Haruto Kaito. Kaito says only orbital and orbital says if Yuma finds Hart he should contact the D-Gazer. Then the search're off.

Yuma is worried why Kite collects Number cards and what that has to do with Hart's disease. They observe that Kite, Gauche and Droite work for Mr. Heartland and collect the number cards, there are others that have cast an eye on Hart.

Meanwhile, in the fortress in the middle. Hart is on the ground and Tron, V, IV and III appear. Tron says that the ritual can begin. Kite asks, meanwhile, where is Hart and is thinking of old times with Hart. As they are playing hide. Purple tie chains Hart and transfer its power to Tron. Tron says the time has come for revenge. He begins to see the Astral World. Hart cries in pain after his brother. This stops him. Astral also heard Hart says he suffers, and Yuma. Hart says he is on a lake on a moon which is in a white castle. Astral tells Yuma and Tori researching the internet for this place. There they found a deserted museum on a lake. They make themselves immediately on the road and contacted Kaite. Shark, who stands with his bike on a bridge hears Yuma calls Kite.

Prior to the fort, they wait for the Kite is fast approaching. Yuma is sure that Hart is there. Kite asks Yuma what he believes really who he is. Finally, he is not with him relatives. As Hart screams in pain. Yuma says that now is no time for bickering is because they have to save Hart. V observed on the monitor. IV is surprised that they have found the hiding place as quickly and says V would be traced. The means in turn that this is impossible, and says that Kite is a strong opponent and they should be careful. You just need time to finish the ritual. IV says that it would sooner or later have been so far off it and it does not hurt to speed up things a bit. Then make the IV and III on the way.

Before the fort appears a bridge. Yuma, Kite, Tori, Astral and Orbital immediately storm the fortress. When they arrived at the hall closes the door behind them and come up IV and III. IV says it finally time that he and Kite's meet. Yuma also recognizes IV again and Tori remembers what he did to Bronk and Caswell. IV recognizes Yuma and asks if he has come to take revenge for his friends. Astral tried to calm him and says he will not succumb to the rage is the rage with the dueling impossible. Yuma says he will not use the dueling as a tool for revenge. Kite asks where Hart is. IV replied that he lives at the moment and they have not returned to him and if he wants to save his brother, he must defeat them first. IV and III use their Duel Anchor one days to start a duel.


Featured cardsEdit

The following cards appeared in this episode. No cards debuted here.


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