Template:Infobox1 "It's in the Cards, Part 1", known as "The All-Seeing Seer: The Terrifying Fortuneteller - Jin" in the Japanese version, is the seventeenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on August 1, 2011 and in the United States on April 1, 2012.


At an unknown place that looks like an arena in which there is a large crystal ball to duel a man with number card Number 16: Shock Master has a long man who introduces himself as Fortuno. Fortuno defeated the Number Holder and explained that he is a Number Hunter and a servent of Kite Tenjo. Jin grabs his opponent with Photon Hand and then draged his soul and his Number card. The whole battle was observed by Kite is sitting on a kind of throne.

Meanwhile, in the school Yuma is happy that his deck has new cards have enhanced and is now believed to be well prepared for a rematch against Kite. Astral makes about it, no matter how his thoughts and doubts this. Just want to get this question as Tori, and Bronk, Caswell want to show Yuma something. On a D-pad screen shows several people in who are extremely aged and previously owned an Number card. Caswell concludes that they wanted to ask Yuma whether he knew anything about it. Yuma does then as if he knew of nothing. Tori looks at this and want Yuma to tell them the truth. This dispute, however, somewhat to know when he would pretend to use the toilet and runs away quickly.

Yuma has been hiding a little later on the roof, the water tank, and talks to Astral. He asks why Yuma doesn't tell his friends about Numbers. Yuma asks again whether this was not obvious. He could not tell them what happened when he duels with Kite and loses. Yuma said then that when Kite again collected another Number card, they should defeat him quickly to win this. Astral holds then for very naive to believe that it is so simple what Yuma asks him if he had some anxiety. Yuma said that they would need him sooner or later anyway if put Astral want it back his missing memories. Astral makes but still worried about the consequences. There will be some argument which then Cathy who's been a long time because it is interrupted. This asks Yuma who was actually Kite. Yuma does frighten, again as if he had to go to the toilet and runs away again.

In the meantime, in an old Mansion Fortuno handed Kite the Number cards recovered. Furthermore, he lies down and the cards to learn about their future, and he says that they will soon get another numbers.

Back in school, Yuma runs straight home as the instruction is completed, not to talk to his friends and stand response. Caswell and Bronk then go out with Tori to tell them about their idea. The two have decided to open a club, Super Secret Number Cards Investigation Club, to find out more about the mysterious of number cards. Caswell summarized as Yuma does not want to talk to them about it, they will find themselves holding the secret. Flip then comes from the tree under which they stand, and declared that he jumped right join in as. Flip explained that it was he should be there, because he has finally made ​​a few experiences with these cards, what Bronk think that Caswell again for a while was possessed by Yuma's Number cards. Tori asks the same as that had actually felt. Bronk must confess, however, that he remember his obsession period not longer. Shortly after coming to Cathy who also wants to join the club, being no one seems to know their classmates. A little later told Cathy that had heard of Yuma. No one knows the name Kite but they suspect a connection between Kite and the victims of the Number cards. The friends decide to split up and search for more information.

Cathy runs through the area and ask some cats if they help them. Caswell searches the Internet for information. Tori, Bronk, and Flip are always looking for on the road to the information or advice. Tori impinges on the road to Shark what is important for an interview. Shark guessed correctly that Tori wants to find out about the number cards a bit. Tori wants Shark matter what, she asked about what he knew about the numbers cards . Shark said that no one knows well so really what these cards are exactly that and probably should better stay that way. On the question of what Tori thinks so, just so that Shark's answers should not employ these cards .. In the evening, the friends meet again but no Caswell, Cathy, Bronk and Tori or have something figured out. Flip is then added with a laugh, explaining that his quest was successful.

A little later, they face an old estate where Flip explained that this Jin is a famous fortune-teller. This supposedly knowledgeable about all knew why he could certainly help them in the numbers cards. Hardly be said to open the gate and Fortuno stands in front of them they had been expecting. He leads the children into the interior of his house to the basement, which is the arena.

Fortuno makes a few hand movements and can appear a ball between his hands. Jin says he now knew why they were here because of a specific card type: Numbers. The children are amazed because no one had spoken to him about the numbers. Tori then goes on to Fortuno and wants to learn more about the number cards. Fortuno says that the Number cards are a dark force those who eat Owners souls, and thus would destroy. Tori has immediately the images of the aged people in the head and says mistakenly Yuma's name. Fortuno from Tori seems there to have placed under hypnosis and that he wants Tori more tells what she explained why she came to him. Fortuno sees it as a sign of fate that the next victim of his friends came freely to him and decides to make Yuma's friends from sacrificial lambs. He makes a great leap backwards, and the floor collapsed under the children. Only Cathy escape thanks to her cat-like reflexes and jump the chasm and runs away quickly.

Cathy runs to Yuma is located on the river. Cathy wants him to say anything when she suddenly seems not quite to be with him and talk to the voice of Fortuno. Jin uses Cathy as a medium and Yuma reported that he was a Number Hunter on behalf of Kite and he had his friends in his power. If he wants to them again he should come to him so they can duel to their number cards. Cathy will be unconscious for a moment until she regains consciousness. Yuma wants her then that Cathy brings to Fortuno. Astral calls Yuma but he should wait. Astral stated that Cathy was deliberately left to go to lure them into this trap. Yuma asks what it is that it is a trap, they would not let Kotori & Co. in the lurch. Astral then asked if he was really sure of defeating Kite. Kite is a strong duelist good strategist, and why there was no guarantee that they will win. Yuma then asks whether Astral is about dueling with people with whom he is sure 100% that he defeated. Astral says it does and asks what it would be. Astral said that dueling meant to him and he lives in a duel in which he might lose was a stupid decision. Therefore, they must give up Yuma's friends. Yuma can not believe what Astral is saying. Enraged, he clenches a fist and tried Astral beat, the beat went through this round. Yuma said he would understand and Astral no longer relying on its powers. Shortly thereafter, he runs with Cathy on the other.

Tori & Co. are stuck on a rock surrounded by lava. Through a crystal ball on the wall but they can be observed through the crystal ball in Jin's basement exactly what is going on and there just another rum.

Yuma arrives just with Cathy in Jin's Mansion, where he, through the crystal, the situation in which his Friends are seen. Jin greeted his opponent and declared that if his friends are back in Yuma, he wants to win in a duel against him must, while watching Kite. A little further away Kite is sitting on a throne without saying anything. As Yuma looks over to Astral, Astral he acknowledges as much fear in front of Kite has. Jin will then begin the battle to get some Yumas card numbers. If he is victorious in Yuma, however, should be free of his friends. Yuma accepted and the duel begins.

Jin takes the first turn and play Orange Shaman (ATK 0) and one card face down. Then he stopped his train. Yuma is tuned and played Gogogo Golem (ATK 1800) what the effect is activated by Orange Red Shaman Shaman and Jin can conjure from his hand (ATK: 0). Yuma still does with his Golem to what Jin turned his face down card Dance of the Divine Protector. Thus he can select a card from hand and Yumas if this is a monster card is canceled and the attack Yuma store, the card must draw a card while Jin can. Jin says he knew that only a monster Yuma card in his hand and says Yuma where exactly is this what Yumas Gagaga Magican wanders into a graveyard and Gogogo golems attack is blocked. Yuma wonder how Jin could not know that. Astral understands this well and not wonder whether Jin is about as strong as Kite. Astral advises Yuma after the event card on his hand to play on defense.

Yuma plays a card face down and stopped his train. Jin is tuned and plays the magic card with which he conjures Shaman Call Green Shaman (ATK 0). Jin uses his three monsters for summoning and calling xyz-No. 16 Ruler of Color - Shock Ruler (ATK 2300). Jin uses the effect of shock Ruler, just a xyz-material monsters and thus names a type of card the players neither of them, can use up to Jin's next train. Jin chooses the card case, which Yuma can not use his trap. Next, Jin attacks with Shock Ruler Gogogo Golem, whereupon the latter is destroyed and 500 lives lost in Yuma points.

At the same time falls from the rock on which Yumas friends are, from a small part. Jin explains that Yumas life points are connected with the rock and that if Yuma loses his friends will look forward to its end. Astral remembers the last duel with Kite and looks up at this. Astral understands now that he has the feeling that all this time is fear.

Featured DuelEdit

Yuma Tsukumo vs. FortunoEdit

Turn 1: Fortuno
Fortuno summons "Orange Shaman" (0/0) and Sets a card.

Turn 2: Yuma
Yuma Summons "Gogogo Golem" (1800/1500). This activates its effect letting him Special Summon "Red Shaman" (0/0) from his hand in Attack Position as Yuma Summoned a monster. Yuma attacks, but Fortuno activates his face-down "Dance of the Guardian", letting him target a card in Yuma's hand and reveal it. If it is a monster, the attack will be negated, the target sent to the Graveyard and Fortuno will draw a card. Otherwise, the attack will continue. Yuma's hand contains "Bye Bye Damage", "Nitwit Outwit", "Voltage Summon", "Gagaga Magician" and "Xyz Weight". The card Fortuno reveals is "Gagaga Magician", so the attack of "Gogogo Golem" is negated, "Gagaga Magician" is sent to the Graveyard and Fortuno draws a card. Yuma Sets "Bye Bye Damage".

Turn 3: Fortuno
Fortuno activates "Shaman Call". As he controls two or more Spellcaster-Type monsters with 0 ATK, he may Special Summon a "Shaman" monster from his Deck. He Special Summons "Green Shaman" (0/0) in Attack Position. Fortuno overlays his three Level 4 monsters to Xyz Summon "Number 16: Shock Master" (2300/1600) in Attack Position. Fortuno activates the effect of "Shock Master", detaching an Overlay Unit to declare either Monster, Spell or Trap Card. Neither player may play that type of card until Yuma's next End Phase. Fortuno declares Trap Cards. Thus, Yuma cannot activate his face-down "Bye Bye Damage". "Shock Master" attacks and destroys "Gogogo Golem" (Yuma 4000 → 3500).

The Duel continues in the next episode




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