Template:Infobox1 "Feline Frenzy", known as "Cat's Surprise: Cat Deck" in the Japanese version, is the ninth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on June 6, 2011.


At night, around the city a girl is dressed like a cat. The girl sneaks into Yuma's room through the window and rummaging around in the room. Yuma asleep during it, Astral is awake but can indeed do nothing and watch the whole. As Yuma begins talking in my sleep listening to the girl.

The next day at school Tori talks to Bronk about Yuma's winning streak with suggestions that this place must either adjust or in this Astral. Shortly thereafter Yuma, shirtless, but subject to a mantle that has a tiger pattern school. Yuma asks his friends why they look so surprised him. Tori has a serious talk with Yuma as this is not the first time that Yuma has come into a ridiculous ulfit to school, he was once a punk rocker, a Chinese restaurant supplier, and even as a giant bee. Tori is slow enough that day in and day out to Yuma makes a mockery of the class. Yuma's classmates all laugh heartily, except for a girl who sits in front and has not even turned over.

Yuma knows what does not turn Tori brings a large mirror and shows Yuma how it looks. Yuma itself is shocked and wonders how come the clothes. Bronk wonders again why this has not noticed. Yuma's clothes have lately not einigste puzzles, in a lunch box always the tastiest and freshest stuff in it (which neither of his grandmother, let alone come from his sister), in the last test was in Yuma has the highest possible score and during exercise Yuma made ​​his 20 crates high jump challenge because he was being hoisted by a rope which was fastened to Yuma unnoticed. Yuma wonder who is behind the whole Astral comes out of Emperor's Keys and declares that he has seen the charge on the last night, has prepared such things in this Yuma's room. Yuma yells at Astral why he had not told him. Astral thus justifying that he thought it was not unusual when someone walks into the room of one another. Yuma swears to find the culprit and throw away the shell. Tori says Yuma still does not have a fashion sense and her would be better. Yuma sees this as a challenge to what the want two meet next day at the mall and Tori is out looking for Yuma new things, to see who has the better fashion sense.

At night, a dozen cats go to a large villa in city, where the open balcony door. In the villa welcomes a girl, the cat and throw them faces some photos of Tori and says that this was her enemy that tries to take away her what she most desires. Why are the cats take care of them.

The next morning, Tori is late for a meeting with Yuma and tried as best as it goes down to sprint. But she is suddenly stopped by a bunch of cats will come up before them. The cats do not beat and Tori access to it.

Later at the mall, waiting to Tori and is annoyed by the delay. Shortly thereafter, the Horde to cats running. Astral is startled and asks what that for "monster" would prepare him goose bumps with their ​​voice. Astral gleefully asks Yuma if cats would be about weakness. Astral said only that he has seen just before or never. Yuma then wonders whether, because cats are so excellent eyesight to see, perhaps Astral. Astral noted however that all the cats stare at Yuma whereupon the cat closer look and noticed that a cat has a message in his mouth, which is bound to Tori's hair band. The message says that someone has kidnapped Tori and should follow the cats, Yuma what keeps the same cat that ran away.

Yuma keeps cats in a mansion where there are more cats on him. The villa is full of pictures of cats and stuffing and Yuma wondering where he ended up here, and especially where Tori is. Suddenly, a girl comes down with a mask. Yuma asks her who she is. The girl takes off the mask and declared that she is Cathy. Astral remembers Cathy in class Yuma's school and usually also in duels seen in the background, where they cheered Yuma.

However, Yuma do not recognize her and thus he do not know who she is, what makes Cathy something hard. Yuma asks why she has kidnapped Tori. Cathy replied softly because Yuma was hopeless. Yuma will then know where Tori is what Cathy says she would tell him if he defeated in a duel. Yuma takes on the challenge course. Yuma and astral wonder if Cathy is sometimes obsessed with a Number card. If this is the case, says Astral, they had no choice but to accept the challenge. Shortly after the battle begins.

Yuma sets up his D-Pad and Duel Gazer, as he and Cathy face each other from opposite balconies overlooking the room. Cathy tells him that cats always dash forward, so she'll take the first turn. She activates "Inviting Cat", adding a "Stray Cat" from her Deck to her hand. Yuma is surprised to see a Spell Card played already. She then activates the Continuous Spell Card "Cat Meeting", with Astral telling Yuma that as long as the conditions for activation are met, there is no limit to the amount of Spells she can use. She Normal Summons "Stray Cat" and "Cat Meeting" allows her Special Summon another one from her hand. Yuma smiles, telling her that the no matter how many 100 ATK monsters she Summons, it's not a big deal. Cathy Sets a card and ends her turn. She tells him to attack whichever cat he wants. Yuma mentally promises to save Tori and then draws. Yuma Normal Summons "Achacha Archer", whose effect activates. It fires a flaming arrow at Cathy, dealing 500 damage. Cathy asks how he dares to pierce her heart like that, blushing. Yuma tells her to stop saying things that make no sense and begins to call for his attack. Astral tells him to wait, but Yuma tells him to be quiet. "Achacha Archer" nocks another arrow and trains his bow back and forward between the two "Stray Cats", but does not fire. Yuma asks why he's hesitating and tells him to attack the other cat. "Achacha Archer" does not attack either one. Cathy tells him that both of her cats are telling "Achacha Archer" to attack them. She licks her lips and reveals that as long as "Stray Cat" is in Attack Position, the opponent can't attack any monster besides it. Yuma asks what that means, and Astral explains that he's in a tough spot - he can't attack either "Stray Cat", as the effect of the other prevents it.

Astral tells Yuma that there's only one way out of this. Yuma tells him he's annoying and reiterates that he should be quiet. Yuma walks forward and sits down, examining his hand and saying he'll save Tori with his own power. Cathy is annoyed that he's still talking about Tori - he's supposed be Dueling her. Yuma gets up and does a backflip, determining his move. He plays "Flip Flap", switching one of the "Stray Cats" to Defense Position. It appears hiding in a cardboard box. "Achacha Archer" attacks the Attack Position "Stray Cat", which turns around and roars, it's face demonic. "Stray Cat" is destroyed and Cathy's Life Points drop to 2400. Astral is impressed that Yuma came up with that move himself, commenting that he's different then he usually is, and Yuma yells that he'll save Tori again. Cathy is angry with the attention Yuma gives Tori, wanting it for herself and yelling that Yuma should be looking at her, not Tori. She activates he face-down "Mysterious Cat Transformation". She explains that it can only be activated when a "Stray Cat" is destroyed by battle. It Special Summons a "Monster Cat" from her hand, Deck, or Graveyard. She Special Summons one from her Deck in Attack Position. Its effect activates, destroying all Level 4 and lower monsters on Yuma's field and inflicting 800 damage to Yuma for each. "Achacha Archer" is destroyed and Yuma takes 800 damage. Cathy asks why Yuma won't notice her passionate feelings. Yuma Sets a card to end his turn.

Cathy draws and then activates the other effect of "Monster Cat", adding a "Stray Cat" from her Deck to her hand. She Normal Summons it, with Astral commenting that she now has three Level 1 monsters. Astral and Yuma both believe that the "Numbers" monster is coming. Cathy overlays her three monsters to Xyz Summon "Twin-Tail Cat Lady" in Attack Position. Both Yuma and Astral question where the "Numbers" is. Cathy activates the effect of "Twin-Tail Cat Lady", detaching an Overlay Unit to increase its ATK by 800. Yuma is impressed, and after Astral does the math for him, determines that in a few turns, her monster could have 3400 ATK. Yuma tells Cathy that was an awesome play. Cathy plays "Cat World", saying that she can use her Field Spell to change their world and their battlefield. It consists of a green meadow with many cats, and a giant cat statue in the center. She says this place is a paradise for cats - a world that contains only cats, Cathy and Yuma. The ATK of all "Cat" monsters on the field are increased by their original values. Therefore, "Twin-Tail Cat Lady" has 2800 ATK. Cathy is pleased that Yuma is finally looking at her. She tells "Twin-Tail Cat Lady" to capture Yuma's heart with a direct attack. Yuma's Life Points drop to 800, but he activates his face-down "Pixie Gong", explaining that when he receives a direct attack, he may Special Summon one monster from his Deck that has "Fairy" in its name in Attack Position. He Summons "Joe the Pixie", who appears in the air and dives down a bit, saying "Joe!" Cathy tells him that's fine and her turn.

Yuma again tells Cathy that she's awesome. She says that it only applies to the world of Dueling, and that's not good. When she appears in front of the person she wishes to impress in reality, she can't say a thing and he doesn't notice her. Yuma calls that person a horrible guy. Cathy says that no matter how much magic she used, nothing worked. But she is happy that she can at least connect with the person she loves through Dueling. Yuma tells her not to give up, and that she should say things like that directly to the person. Yuma tells her to Bring it to 'Em. Cathy makes a pun, replacing "Kattobingu" with "Cattobingu". She says she'll confess. Yuma interrupts her, beginning his turn. Yuma activates the effect of the "Acorno" in his hand. By discarding a card, he can Special Summon it. He discards "Pinecono", whose own effect activates - he may Special Summon it when its discarded. Cathy tells him to wait, but Yuma overlays this three monsters to Xyz Summon "Baby Tiragon" in Attack Position. Yuma Normal Summons "Gagaga Magician" in Attack Position and uses its effect to change its Level to 1. Yuma activates the effect of "Baby Tiragon", detaching an Overlay Unit to let a Level 1 monster attack directly. Cathy again tells him to wait as "Gagaga Magician" attacks her with "Gagaga Magic" and dropping her to 900 Life Points. Yuma declares an attack on "Twin-Tail Cat Lady" with "Baby Tiragon", with Astral warning him that "Baby Tiragon" doesn't have enough ATK. Yuma tells him he knows what he's doing and activates a Quick-Play Spell Card from his hand - "Ego Boost". This increases the ATK of "Baby Tiragon" by 1000, as a giant shadow appears behind it. Cathy whispers that she's always loved Yuma and "Ego Boost" drops the ATK of "Twin-Tail Cat Lady" to its original value as it battles "Baby Tiragon". Cathy tries to confess her love again, but Yuma jumps up, yelling "Bring it to 'Em" as "Baby Tiragon" attacks with "Baby Stream". Cathy's Life Points drop to zero, and Astral attempts to collect her "Numbers" before realizing she did not have one.

Yuma walks over to Cathy to help her up, also asking her where Tori is. Cathy blushes. Tori was at the park the whole time, playing with Cathy's cats. Yuma arrives and asks what she's doing. She laughs nervously. As they walk to school the next morning with Bronk, Tori tells them that she was forced to play with the cats and that Yuma should stop being so angry with her. Yuma angrily insists that he's not angry with her. Tori notes that his tone of voice and attitude proves he "is" angry at her. Cathy walks up to them, blushing and softly says "Good morning." Yuma responds with "hey!" and Cathy walks off happily. Bronk asks who that was, and Tori tells him not be rude - that girl is their class. She finds she can't remember her name either though. Yuma tells them her name is Cathy, or Cat-chan and that she's a strong Duelist. Tori says she didn't know that and Bronk asks if Yuma figured out who was messing with them. Tori says she has to go and walks ahead of them. Astral floats above and documents his eleventh observation - "Yuma still doesn't understand the feelings of the female species".

Featured DuelEdit

Yuma vs. CathyEdit

Turn 1: Cathy
Cathy activates "Inviting Cat", adding 1 "Stray Cat" from her Deck to her hand. She then activates the Continuous Spell Card "Cat Meeting". She Normal Summons "Stray Cat" (100/300) in Attack Position, and due to the effect of "Cat Meeting", she Special Summons a second "Stray Cat" from her hand in Attack Position. She Sets a card and ends her turn.

Turn 2: Yuma
Yuma Normal Summons "Achacha Archer" (1200/600), inflicting 500 points of damage to Cathy's Life Points (Cathy 4000 → 3500) via its effect. He activates "Flip Flap", changing the Battle position of one of the "Stray Cats" to Defense Position. "Achacha Archer" attacks and destroys the Attack Position "Stray Cat" (Cathy 3500 → 2400). Cathy activates her face-down "Mysterious Cat Transformation", allowing her to Special Summon "Monster Cat" (0/0) in Attack Position since Yuma destroyed one of her "Stray Cats". Via the effect of "Monster Cat", "Achacha Archer" is destroyed and Yuma takes 800 points of damage (Yuma 4000 → 3200). Yuma Sets a card and ends his turn.

Turn 3: Cathy
Cathy activates the effect of "Monster Cat", adding another "Stray Cat" to her hand from her Deck. She Normal Summons "Stray Cat" in Attack Position. Cathy then overlays her three monsters to Xyz Summon "Twin-Tail Cat Lady" (1000/1000) in Attack Position. Cathy detaches one of the overlaid "Stray Cats" to increase the ATK of her monster by 800. Cathy then activates the Field Spell Card "Cat World", doubling the original ATK of all "Cats" she controls. "Twin-Tail Cat Lady" attacks Yuma directly (Yuma 3200 → 400). Yuma activates his face-down "Pixie Gong", allowing him to Special Summon a Level 3 or lower "Fairy" monster from his Deck. He Special Summons "Joe the Pixie" (100/300) in Attack Position. Cathy ends her turn.

Turn 4: Yuma
Yuma discards his "Pinecono" to Special Summon "Acorno" (200/400) in Attack Position. Next, he activates the effect of "Pinecono" to Special Summon it in Attack Position (400/200). Yuma overlays his three monsters to Xyz Summon "Baby Tiragon" (900/900) in Attack Position. Yuma Normal Summons "Gagaga Magician" (1500/1000) in Attack Position and activates its effect, changing its Level from 4 to 1. Yuma activates the effect of "Baby Tiragon", detaching an Overlay Unit to allow the Level 1 "Gagaga Magician" to attack directly (Cathy 2400 → 900). Yuma attacks "Twin-Tail Cat Lady" with "Baby Tiragon" and activates the Quick-Play Spell Card "Ego Boost", increasing the ATK of "Baby Tiragon" by 1000 and returning the ATK of "Twin-Tail Cat Lady" to its original value. "Baby Tiragon" attacks and destroys "Twin-Tail Cat Lady" (Cathy 900 → 0).

Featured cardsEdit

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here. Template:Decklist


Differences in adaptationsEdit

  • In the original, one of the many strange things that Tori mentions having shown up around Yuma in the past weeks was Yuma strangely getting a one hundred percent on a test. This is cut out of the dub.
  • Various scenes of Cathy licking her lips are removed in the dub.
  • The scene of Cathy making loving gestures towards Yuma after she took the effect damage from "Achacha Archer" is removed from the dub.
  • In the original, Yuma mentioned Tori while talking in his sleep. In the dub he says completely random sounding things instead.
  • "Stray Cat" getting destroyed by "Achacha Archer" is excluded from the dub.
  • In the dub, while Tori and Yuma are arquing about fashion sense, Tori says "We'll upload the pictures to "Spacenook", a reference to Facebook.
  • Also in the dub, after the duel, Tori is seen playing Red Light Green Light.


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