Template:Infobox1"Flipping Out, Part 2", known as "The Treacherous Numbers!?" in the Japanese version, is the sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on May 16, 2011 and aired in the USA on November 19, 2011.


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Featured DuelEdit

Yuma Tsukumo vs. FlipEdit

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Turn 5: Flip
Flip attacks "Flelf" with "Number 39: Utopia" (Yuma 3600 → 1900). Flip Sets a monster and ends his turn.

Turn 6: Yuma
Yuma Normal Summons "Rai Rider" (1200/1400) in Attack Position. Yuma activates the effect of "Gagaga Magician", changing its own Level to 3 until the End Phase. Yuma overlays his two monsters to Xyz Summon "Number 17: Leviathan Dragon" (2000/0) in Attack Position. Flip activates his face-down "Traitor Fog", gaining control of "Leviathan Dragon" as it was Special Summoned. Yuma switches "Baby Tiragon" to Defense Position and Sets a card.

Turn 7: Flip
Flip activates the effect of "Leviathan Dragon", detaching an Overlay Unit to increase its ATK by 500 ("Leviathan Dragon" 2000 → 2500). He then Flip Summons "Flipangutan" (800/1600). Its Flip Effect activates, switching "Baby Tiragon" to Attack Position. "Leviathan Dragon" attacks "Baby Tiragon", but Yuma activates his face-down "Half Unbreak" preventing "Baby Tiragon" from being destroyed by battle this turn and halving any Battle Damage taken from battles involving it (Yuma 1900 → 1100). "Utopia" attacks "Baby Tiragon" (Yuma 1100 → 300). Flip activates "Book of Flip", putting "Flipangutan" back into face-down Defense Position.

Turn 8: Yuma
Yuma Normal Summons "Stinging Swordsman" (300/600) in Attack Position. Yuma activates the effect of "Baby Tiragon", detaching an Overlay Unit to allow the Level 1 "Stinging Swordsman" to attack directly (Flip 2500 → 2200). As it successfully attacked directly, its effect activates, returning all cards in Flip's Spell & Trap Card Zone to his hand. Since "Ultra C" and "Traitor Fog" have been removed from the field, "Utopia" and "Leviathan Dragon" return to Yuma's side of the field. "Leviathan Dragon" attacks and destroys the face-down "Flipangutan", while "Utopia" attacks directly (Flip 2200 → 0).



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