Xyz Monsters are a new type of monsters with a black frame reside in extra deck. Xyz Monsters don’t have a Level. Instead they have a Rank, which is displayed on the opposite side of the card to where the Level Stars would be. The Rank of an Xyz Monster gives a clue as to how to Summon it. Rank 2 Xyz Monsters are Summoned using Level 2 monsters, Rank 3 Xyz Monsters are Summoned using Level 3 monsters, and so on.

The Xyz Monster itself will tell you how many monsters you need to use in the same place that a Synchro Monster tells you what monsters you need to use. Unlike Synchros, you can usually make Xyz Monsters out of any 2 monsters that are the same Level!

types of Xyz SummoningEdit


Xyz Monsters

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