The Sphere Field is a perfectly round object in three-dimensional space encompasses the Numbers in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL series.


The Sphere Field is designed to be a simulated version of another dimension. It is like inside of the Emperor's Key. It comes with different colors such as Faker's is yellow, Astral's is blue, and Barian's is red.


Astral's Sphere FieldEdit

File:Astral's Sphere Field - ZEXAL WIki.jpg

With the Numbers, Astral is able to spawn his own Sphere Field recalling his memories. During Yuma's duel with Kite, Astral talked to Kite within a Sphere Field-like formation of blue panels. Later inside the Emperor's Key, Astral created Sphere Field recalling the memories he obtained from the fifty Numbers acquired during World Duel Carnival.

Faker's Sphere FieldEdit

File:300px-ZLx014 Sphere Field.jpg

Sometimes before Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL event, Faker began building his own Sphere Field which will be mass produced by four projectors with his partner Bryon Arclight. After making a deal with a being from the Barian World, Faker completed the Sphere Field and uses it to extract the [[Number]s power with combined powers of Hart's strange power in order to attack Astral World

File:Sphere field at duel tower.jpg

During the World Duel Carnival, Faker generated Sphere Field on top of Duel Tower for the final match between Yuma and Vetrix due to Kite losing so that Faker is allowed to gather more energy from the “Numbers” they use. It was treated as a card, which allowed both players to randomly Xyz Summon "Numbers" by using monsters in their hands as Overlay Units.[1]

File:Sphere field stealing numbers.jpg

After Duel ended, the Sphere Field reacted and activated its final affect to take all the "Numbers" from both Duelists, and it also attempted to absorb the Duelists themselves. Yuma used "Lightning Blade" as anchor for himself and Vetrix to prevent them from falling to core of Sphere Field, but Vetrix sacrificed himself to release the souls of his victims.[2] Sphere Field then teleported itself to Faker's tower.

File:Astral undoing the ZEXAL.jpg

While in Faker's tower, Sphere Field was plugged into Sphere Field Cannon and with all number cards collect from Yuma and Vetrix and with Hart's power sphere Field will be blasted too Astral World with Yuma & Astral inside by Cannon. After Kite, Shark, and Tori got pass Mr. Heartland and litterbots there to save Yuma and Hart Tenjo. Astral undo the ZEXAL and manged to get Yuma out of Sphere Field giving him: Utopia and Shark Drade to save Hart Tenjo and Astral World.

Sphere Field CannonEdit

Main article: Sphere Field Cannon


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