Japanese ミザエル
Rōmaji Mizaeru
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Gender male
Anime debut Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Episode 01
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Deck Tychton

Misael is one of Seven Barian Lords who wields a Galaxy-Eyes just like Kite Tenjo.



Due to the fued with the Astral World, Misael along with Vector, Durbe, Alit and Gilag desires to collect the "Numbers" and destroy the Astral World. Unlike of both worlds being made of energy, they could not interact directly so they manipulated humans such as Dr. Faker and Vetrix.

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL IIEdit

After the conclusion of the Duel between Yuma and Kite, in the Barian World, he, Durbe, Alit and Gilag, discussed about Yuma and Astral. After Alit and Gilag fail, Durbe handed Misael over three cubes known as Barian Sphere Cubes, which will let Barians use their original powers even in the human world. That way, they won't have to brainwash humans, they can take the Numbers themselves instead. Durbe tells him to give one cube to Gilag and one to Alit, calling this their "last chance". As Misael leaves for Earth, Durbe puts full trust in him, hoping he will produce better results than the other two. Then Misael appears in a realm where he confronts a monster in front of him. He pulls out a blank card and starts absorbing the monster into it. He is pushed back, but is eventually successful.